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Sure, anyone can but I won’t. I am a big fan of downsizing but living without just to prove a point is a bit ridiculous.

There is too much to love. I fall in love with possessions everyday. It could be anything from a paper clip to a Tupperware container. 

If it brings you joy, how can that be wrong? It’s all about appreciating what you have.

I believe in getting rid of the unnecessary. Downsize and Organize. Surrounding yourself only with the things you love, need, and use.

With organized placement, I can develop solutions to work in your life.

Downsizing doesn’t mean that you will be sacrificing style.

I clean and decorate while I organize- Ready to Wear Living

My services will provide you with:






Peace of Mind


Squeaky Chic. Creating Order from Chaos while Striving for Beauty.